“This is a victory for menopause campaigners” Rachel said after the Education Secretary confirmed students will now be taught about the menopause.

In a letter to Rachel, Education Secretary Damian Hinds announced the addition of teaching about the menopause within Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education at secondary school.

Mr Hinds said: “We agree that this topic is an important part of reproductive health, and that all children should learn about this at school. I am grateful to you for your personal advocacy, which was instrumental in securing this.”

Rachel has been working with menopause awareness campaigners and medical experts to lobby the Government on the importance of teaching pupils about the menopause.

Reacting to the announcement, Rachel said:

“This is a victory for menopause campaigners who have been tirelessly campaigning and lobbying on this issue for years. It’s been a privilege and an honour to work with them.

“This truly is a momentous moment for me personally, and quite an emotional one too. Having gone through the menopause myself, and the effects this had on my life, I’ve been determined to ensure menopause is better understood. After all, it’s not just women who will be affected by the menopause, men will be affected too.

“This announcement is an important step on the journey to greater understanding of the menopause. Pupils are taught about periods and the menstrual cycle, but until now have not been taught about the menopause and the effects this can have on women. Menopause education is vital in increasing understanding and awareness of the menopause.

As well as campaigning to get menopause education on the school curriculum, Rachel has also been lobbying the Government to ensure GPs follow menopause guidelines.

“The campaign doesn’t stop here. A significant barrier to effective menopause treatment is GPs not following NHS guidelines. This is leading to women being wrongly diagnosed, resulting in them suffering from menopausal symptoms which there is effective treatment for.“I will continue to work with menopause awareness campaigners as we work with the Government to ensure GPs follow these guidelines.”