A mentoring scheme launched by Rachel and run by a local businessman is going from “strength-to-strength” as they urge more businesses to sign up to the scheme.

In 2017, Rachel approached Simon Hyde, Chief Executive Officer of Faun Zoeller, to ask him to help run her Redditch Mentors Scheme.

Since then, Simon has been working with local schools, including Careers Advice and Guidance Counsellor Louise Laxton at Trinity High School, and businesses, and as a result, young people from across Redditch have benefited from taking part in the scheme.

The mentees have been able to benefit from the advice and the experience of their mentor, as well as hands on experience at their mentor’s business.

Recently, Rachel virtually met with Trinity High School student, Max, who has taken part in the scheme. Despite the challenges of 2020, and whilst studying for his A Levels, Max set-up a business with his mum, which they sold for a profit, & has now turned his attention to a new venture.

After hearing Max’s story, Rachel is encouraging more businesses and schools to sign up to the Redditch Mentors Scheme.

Rachel said:

“When I was first elected in 2017, one of the very first decisions I made was to launch and then task Simon Hyde with running the Redditch Mentors Scheme.

“We launched this scheme because we are both committed to improving the lives of young people in Redditch and extending opportunity to all, no matter their background.

“In just three years, the scheme has gone from strength-to-strength thanks to Simon’s tireless hard work and dedication. Dozens of young people have benefited from the scheme and long may this continue.

“I’m encouraging more businesses and schools to sign up to this scheme to ensure more young people are able to reach their full potential.”

Simon Hyde added:

“We are all absolutely delighted with this success and it gives us great satisfaction to see these young people prosper and get encouragement and see that they are on their way to create their own lives and careers.

“We are so pleased with the programme that we now feel it’s right to expand and allow others to progress, we are very keen to work with local businesses to help us keep young people in the local community and develop as people and create their own positive futures.”

Businesses interested in joining the Redditch Mentors Scheme should send an email to rachel.maclean.mp@parliament.uk.