“Following the Whitsun recess, Parliament was back this week and, as ever, there was lots going on.

“An issue that always comes up on the doorstep and I get a lot of emails from constituents on is the need for major global companies to pay their fair of tax. We all pay the tax we have to – and so should big corporations and companies.

“The UK has been leading the way on this issue and last weekend the Chancellor agreed historic global tax reforms with our G7 partners that will ensure that large global firms pay their fair share towards public services.

“There’s no doubt the global tax system needs to be fit for the digital age, and as hosts of the G7 the UK has been pushing for a new system that means that the right companies pay the right tax in the right places.

“The reforms secured at the G7 includes a minimum global corporation tax and new rules to ensure that large global firms and tech giants pay a fair share of profits in the countries where they do business. 

“This historic agreement will pave the way towards a global economic recovery that works for everyone, with multinationals paying more towards our public services in the UK as we recover from the impact of the pandemic.

“And speaking of recovering from the impact of the pandemic, it’s just amazing news Redditch has been awarded £15.6 million this week from the Government’s Towns Fund. We’ve already received £1 million, so that makes £16.6 million our town has been awarded in total.

“You really will see the benefits of this funding on the ground in Redditch. It won’t just be some funding that is welcomed and then you don’t see the direct benefits of – you really will see the tangible changes this multi-million pound funding package will make to our town.

“I’m incredibly excited about the future of Redditch and just what this money will do. It’s now time to get on and deliver on the promises we made to you.”