Rachel Maclean, the Conservative Party candidate for Redditch at the General Election, has announced a pledge to set up a “Redditch Mentors” scheme if she is elected on June 8th as MP for the area.

The scheme will be an opportunity for local business leaders to give back to young people and local residents, who are looking to get ahead in work or life, return to the workplace or re-skill into a different trade.

Speaking after a visit to North Moons Moat Industrial estate, Rachel commented,

“Here in Redditch, we have seen 255 more small businesses created since 2010, meaning more jobs for people locally.

“And I know from talking to local businesses throughout the area, and from my own experience as a business owner, employers want to see local people better equipped for the jobs on offer. This is an opportunity to make positive changes to the benefit of both local business and young people”.

The scheme will be free and available to all.

“From starting a successful business myself and running a charity to help young people gain skills for the workplace, I know that having a role model in the workplace can be a massive benefit to young people’s aspirations and open their eyes to the possibilities in their lives.”

“I have always looked for opportunities to give back to young people starting out in their careers, and have myself been a mentor to people at different stages of their lives and careers.”

The Redditch Mentors Scheme will mentor people just starting out, or offer a hand to those returning to work or wishing to retrain into something else. It’s never too late to learn a new skill, or take advantage of the opportunities to work provided by new technology.

The criteria for becoming a mentor will be a willingness to help out and having something to offer.

Rachel said, “as Conservatives, we have a strong plan for a stable economy that is working. For example, here in Redditch we’ve seen dramatic falls in the number of people claiming out-of-work benefits, which is down by 60% since 2010.

“And we also believe in people keeping more of their own money, which is why 40,354 Redditch people have had an income tax cut since 2015. A typical basic rate taxpayer pays over £1,000 less in income tax than when we came into government in 2010.

She added, “Our plan for the economy is to help entrepreneurs and the back local business, This is one concrete way we can put those values into action. With the other parties’ manifestos looking to saddle businesses with more taxes, increased red tape and a muddled Brexit, it’s clear that only Theresa May’s Conservatives can help grow the local economy here in Redditch, that we all rely on to create the jobs of the future”.