Rachel is urging residents to complete her broadband survey in order to help shape her next steps in her quest to improve the service residents receive.

With more people working from home due to the impact of the pandemic, Rachel is keen to hear from her constituents about their broadband service and the quality of the mobile phone signal they receive.

The survey, which is available to complete online, will enable Rachel to understand where the problems lie and then consider any follow-on actions with the County Council and broadband and mobile phone providers.

Rachel said:

I know what it’s like when your broadband connection isn’t great. When your business or job depends on having a good quality connection, or you can’t even keep in touch with family and friends in a reliable way, it really does matter.

“In parts of the constituency the service is very good, so even if you don’t have any problems please take a moment to complete the survey anyway so I can get a picture of where the service is good and where it’s not so good. I can then look to doing something about it!

“Your views are important to me, so I look forward to hearing from you.”

Residents can complete the survey by visiting: www.rachelmaclean.uk/surveys.