Rachel said: “This is a negotiation and by definition that means that neither side gets exactly what they want.

We are unraveling 40 years of co-operation so naturally coming out of the EU, while protecting friction less trade, won’t happen overnight. These are complex negotiations with a lot to take into consideration. Campaigners always said we wouldn’t be able to cherry pick in these negotiations and that the UK wouldn’t get anything it asked for. The Prime Minister has proved them wrong, she has indeed achieved what many said was impossible by securing agreement for a bespoke deal unlike anything offered to any other EU country, against what the EU were prepared to give.

“I have read the Draft Withdrawal Agreement and from what I’ve seen this deal delivers on the key concerns raised by my constituents. This deal ends freedom of movement once and for all as we will leave the Single Market, ends vast payments to the EU, enables us to forge our own independent trade policy as we will no longer be bound by the EU Customs Union and we are ending the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

“We won’t be stuck in a backstop. It’s not in the EU’s interest to keep us in the backstop because they see it as giving us an unfair advantage over their other members. So they will be motivated to get us out. If we entered the backstop we could call for a review, at any time. If both sides agree the future relationship is ready we would leave the backstop. This judgement would need to be taken in good faith and with view to their commitment on best endeavours. If there is a disagreement, a special conference would try and resolve the differences. If that failed to reach an agreement it would go to independent arbitration as to whether the NI protocol is still needed to meet its objectives. It’s worth remembering that Article 50 does not allow the backstop to be a permanent solution. It can only be a bridge to the future relationship. I hope we’ll never need the backstop.

“Redditch is at the heart of manufacturing, with world leading companies based in our town, and this will continue after we have left the EU. This deal will enable businesses to take advantage of friction less trade.

“Very importantly this deal also sets out EU citizens’ rights and the rights of UK citizens living in the EU, enabling us to continue to enjoy the deep and special partnership which we have enjoyed for so long and which benefits us all.

“I believe now is the time for pragmatism and cool heads to emerge. While I will need to see the full detail of the final deal, I am certainly minded to support this draft agreement. Those criticising it have not come up with any credible alternative and it’s obvious that the opposition are simply playing political games, and seek only to frustrate Brexit and bring down the Government.

“The Prime Minister has shown steely determination throughout this process and she has my full support. Now is not the time for leadership change. Outside of the Westminster bubble everyone is getting on with their lives and pay no interest in the twists and turns of politics. My message is clear – we just need to get on with it!

“Be in no doubt – we are leaving the European Union on March 29th, 2019.”