Rachel has backed the Government’s Spending Round which focuses on the top priorities of Redditch residents.

Yesterday (September 4th), the Chancellor, Sajid Javid, set out the Government’s ambitious spending priorities which will see more money for schools, the police, the NHS and more funding for social care.

Since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, the deficit has been reduced meaning more money can be spent on peoples’ priorities. The deficit is forecast to be only 1.1% in 2018-19 compared to nearly 10% in 2010, which means the Government is able to deliver the fastest increase in day-to-day departmental spending in 15 years.

For the first time since 2002 all departments will have their budgets increased or maintained in real terms.

The Government’s bold and ambitious agenda includes £200 million to transform bus services, funding for Homes England to help more young people onto the housing ladder, and an extra £30 million to help us achieve Net Zero by 2050.

The Spending Round includes a three-year settlement for schools, starting with an additional £2.6 billion next year and rising to £7.1 billion in 2022-23 compared to 2019-20 funding levels.

Next year every secondary school will receive a minimum of £5,000 per pupil, and by 2021-22 every primary school will get at least £4,000 per pupil. Next year, we are also providing over £700 million extra for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

£400 million is also being invested in Further Education. This additional funding will train and teach our young people the skills they need for well-paid jobs in the modern economy and is the single biggest annual increase for the sector since 2010.

An extra £750 million has been announced to begin recruitment of the 20,000 new police officers, with the first 6,000 in place by March 2021. The Government is also providing £30 million to tackle child sexual exploitation and protecting the counter-terrorism policing budget.

£1.1 billion will also be spent on social care to support local authorities to meet rising demand in the social care system.

And, as the UK prepares to leave the EU on October 31st, the Chancellor has announced a further £2 billion extra to bring the total for Brexit preparation to over £8 billion.

In welcoming the Spending Round, Rachel said:

“Whilst Parliament is fixated on Brexit, back in Redditch residents are concerned about other issues, from schools to the NHS to adult social care. I know this from the thousands of doors I’ve knocked on and from the thousands of emails and letters I’ve received.

“I very much welcome the fact that the Chancellor’s Spending Round focuses on these top priorities which concern my constituents the most.

“We’re getting the fairer funding our schools in Redditch deserve, further education is being boosted, we’ll have more police on our streets and our councils will get more money to meet rising demand in the social care system.

“This is a Government focused on the future. We cannot let Labour take us backwards.”

This Spending Round is being delivered within the Government’s existing fiscal rules and with a new focus on outcomes – ensuring that extra spending results in improvements that make a difference to people’s lives.