After the second reading of the Withdrawal Agreement passed by a majority of 124, Rachel said:

“In the General Election last week, 63% of voters in Redditch voted for me to get Brexit done, and that’s exactly what I’ve done today by voting for the Second Reading of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

 “We’re now one step closer to leaving the European Union on January 31st. This deal ensures our membership of the EU ceases at 11pm on the 31st – finally enacting the wishes of 62% of voters in Redditch who voted to leave in 2016.

 “This deal takes the UK out of all EU laws, allows to strike trade deals with countries from around the world, ends the jurisdiction of the European Court in the UK, abolishes the backstop and ensures Northern Ireland will be in the UK customs territory.

 “And to those who still do not want Brexit to happen, I hope they can be reassured that we will now be leaving the EU, with a deal, in a smooth and orderly way which will boost our economy and support jobs.

 “But as the Prime Minister rightly said today, let’s stop labelling one another as ‘remainers’ or ‘leavers,’ let’s move forwards together and make a success of the opportunities that leaving the EU will bring.”