Rachel said:

“Saturday was disappointing, putting it mildly. I believed a deal was there to be agreed, backed by a majority of MPs. However, the Labour Party, opposition parties and former Conservative MPs voted to delay Brexit once again. I did not.

“This week we will have another chance to respect the result of the referendum and get Brexit done on October 31st in a smooth and orderly way. I was elected on a manifesto promise to deliver Brexit and that is what I have always been committed to doing.

“As the law required, the Prime Minister sent a letter to Donald Tusk requesting an extension. However, we must be clear that this was Parliament’s letter, not the Prime Minister’s letter. It’s the opposition who have asked for a delay to Brexit, not the Prime Minister or me.

“I have never supported any delay to Brexit. At every opportunity I’ve had I’ve voted to deliver Brexit. This is what I promised my constituents I would do.

“This week, when the opportunity arises, I will be voting for the Prime Minister’s deal. It delivers on the referendum result, taking back control of our money, borders and laws, whilst also protecting the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement and ensuring we leave the EU as one United Kingdom.

“It’s high time Parliament does what it said it would do and respect the result of the 2016 referendum. This paralysis and indecision cannot continue any longer.

“62% of voters in Redditch who voted in the referendum voted to leave the EU. I will vote for the deal this week to respect the result of the referendum and to fulfil the promise I made to my constituents to deliver Brexit.”