Following her re-election as the Member of Parliament for Redditch, Rachel is back at work with a strong mandate to get Brexit done and to get services back at the Alexandra Hospital.

Last Thursday (December 12th), Rachel was re-elected with 63% of the vote in Redditch and more than doubled her majority to 16,036 votes.

The re-elected Member of Parliament now has a strong mandate to vote for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, which Rachel has already pledged to do, and to continue her work to get a maternity & children’s service back at the Alex.

Rachel said: “Once again I’d like to thank the people of Redditch for placing their trust in me and for re-electing me as their Member of Parliament. It really is the honour of my life to be your MP and your voice in Westminster.

 “I now have a strong mandate to finally get Brexit done. With a majority Conservative government the Prime Minister’s deal will easily pass through the House of Commons and we will leave the European Union on January 31st. We can then move on and begin to unite our country.

 Away from Brexit, the top item on Rachel’s agenda is to continue her campaign to return services to the Alex.

“Returning services to the Alex will be the defining issue for me,” Rachel added.

“It’s clear voters endorsed my plan to get a maternity and children’s service back to our town’s hospital. That work will begin straight away. I’m now in the process of setting a date for the meeting health bosses promised me before the election was called.

 “This meeting will be a great opportunity to discuss in person and in detail the plans I laid out to health bosses in the letter I sent to them back in October.

 “And what better backdrop is there to this campaign then the Prime Minister pledging to enshrine in law this government’s NHS spending pledge.

 “I clearly have a strong mandate for my plan to get services back at the Alex. I will work tirelessly, as I have done for the past two-and-a-half-years, to fight for and support our Alex. It has been and always will be my top priority.”