In response to the Labour Party’s decision to back calls for a second EU referendum and to campaign for remain, Rachel said:

“In 2016, a clear majority of voters in Redditch, some 62%, expressed their desire to leave the European Union.

“I was elected just one year after the referendum, and ever since I have been committed to honouring the result of the referendum and delivering the Brexit a majority of my constituents voted for.

“I have been absolutely clear since Article 50 was triggered: no second referendum, no customs union and we must leave the single market.

“From the thousands of emails I’ve received since June 2017, and from May’s EU election results, it’s obvious that a majority of voters in Redditch have not changed their minds about wanting to leave the EU. The Labour Party fail to get this.

“Labour’s ambiguous Brexit position has actually seen them move backwards, losing control of Redditch Borough Council in 2018 and again losing another council seat in this year’s local elections.

“Well yesterday (July 9th) their ambiguity has turned to a clear Brexit position: they want a second referendum and will campaign for remain, overturning the decision 62% of voters in Redditch made back in 2016.

“Since first taking my place in the House of Commons, it’s been evident to me that the Labour Party has never had any intention of delivering Brexit, so I’m not shocked at all by Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement today.

“What I am shocked by is the Labour Party believe they know better than the people of Redditch. They believe a majority of voters in Redditch got it wrong when they voted to leave the EU. The Labour Party wants to overturn the democratic decision voters made. It’s not my constituents who are wrong, it’s the Labour Party.

“While I have consistently voted for the Withdrawal Agreement, because clearly this was the only route to get us out of the EU by March 29th, there must be no more delay or can kicking. It’s now my position that we must leave the EU on or before October 31st, deal or no deal.”