Last Thursday (November 29th), Rachel was back home in Redditch knocking on doors and speaking to residents about the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

With the vote on the deal to take place next Tuesday, Rachel was keen to hear directly from residents about their views on the deal, and to also explain why she will be voting for the deal.

Rachel was joined by Nyear Nazir, the Conservative Party Candidate for Batchley & Brockhill in next May’s local elections, as they knocked on doors and spoke to residents about Brexit, but also local issues concerning them too.

Rachel said: “Next Tuesday I will take part in one of the biggest parliamentary votes, not only since I first became your MP, but one of the biggest votes in peacetime Britain.

“A lot is at stake in next week’s vote. Whatever happens, the decision MPs make will directly affect your lives, which is why it was incredibly important I heard directly from constituents to listen to their views on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

“The decision I make next week won’t please everyone, but my conscience will be clear knowing in my heart-of-hearts that voting in favour of the deal delivers Brexit and enables us to look ahead towards a bright future for the UK.

“Voting against the deal risks stopping Brexit altogether, something I am not prepared to gamble. I stood on a manifesto commitment to honour the result of the referendum that 62% of my constituents voted for – and that’s what I’ll be voting to deliver next Tuesday.”