Article from the Redditch Standard.

Redditch MP Rachel Maclean says she has ‘100 per cent faith’ in Prime Minister Theresa May’s ability to see the Brexit negotiations through.

Speaking on the day after two crucial votes in the House of Commons that saw the PM successfully walk a tightrope between Brexiteers and Remainers in her own party, 90 Labour MPs rebel against their leader’s wishes and a walk out by the SNP’s MPs, Mrs Maclean said it had been a marathon but Mrs May was still on course to deliver the Brexit the people of Redditch wanted.

“There are strongly held views on both sides and she cannot satisfy everyone but she is a pragmatic person and I am sure will make it to the end,” said Mrs Maclean.

“This was all about the process, about getting the laws on to the statute book and I feel we have to move on to the next stage.

“We cannot tie the Prime Minister’s hands down, she has got to be free to negotiate the best deal possible and that is overwhelmingly what the people of Redditch want.”

On the issue of trade deals and the thorny question of the Northern Ireland border, Mrs Maclean was equally clear.

“There are lots of flavours around like the EEA (European Economic Area) and the Norway model but these do not give us what we want as we will have no say over the laws,” she said.

“We are not staying in the European Union, we want a free deal that is better than what we have at the moment and we must get our own trade policy with the rest of the world and free trade with Europe.

“The European Union will kick and scream that we cannot do that but we are fighting against vested interests and it will be worth it in the end because ultimately we will reap the benefits. They need us as much as we need them, probably more.”

On the issue of Northern Ireland Mrs Maclean said she was confident a way could be found to ensure the frictionless border continues through pre-registration and new technology.