Ahead of the UK’s departure from the European Union today (January 31st), Rachel said:

“At 11pm this evening the UK will be leaving the EU. After years of delay and indecision, the outcome of the 2016 referendum is finally being delivered.

 “Since I first became your MP I have consistently voted to deliver Brexit, as well as representing those who tonight will not be celebrating our departure from the EU.

 “No matter how you voted nearly four years-ago, it’s now time our country unites and moves forward together. I’m certain we are more united and have more in common than we like to believe. Parliament may have been gridlocked & divided for 3 years, but outside of Westminster life continued, friendships endured and everyday people continued to do good things, to support one another and to help those in need.

 “This is an historic day for the United Kingdom. As we look ahead to the future, let’s be optimistic and ambitious for our country, abandon the labels of the past 4 years and move forward more united than we have been before.”