This is my latest Westminster Diary in this week’s (March 27th) Redditch Advertiser.

In 2017 I was elected on a manifesto commitment to respect the result of the 2016 EU referendum and to deliver Brexit – that’s what I’ve been working hard to achieve these past two years.

I received more than 52% of the vote in that election on a turnout of 70%. There was clear support for that manifesto commitment in Redditch which is why I’m unwavering in my commitment to delivering Brexit.

Understandably many people are confused about what is going on right now. But I want to make my position and how I’ve voted recently clear to you.

I’ve voted for the Withdrawal Agreement twice now and will again if it is brought back for a third time. I believe this is the best way of delivering Brexit in a smooth and orderly way. Backing this deal will prevent attempts from remain supporting MPs to push through a form of Brexit which bears little or no resemblance to what leave voters in Redditch voted for.

There are many in MPs in the House of Commons, including the opposition, who want to overturn Brexit by holding a second referendum. We had a ‘people’s vote’ in 2016 and a majority of my constituents voted to leave.

I’ve voted against every attempt by MPs to hold a second referendum. We need to get on and deliver on the result of the first referendum in 2016. I simply do not believe that a majority of my constituents have changed their minds – the thousands of emails and letters I’ve received make that perfectly clear.

As you’ve all seen on the news, the Prime Minister has requested a short extension to Article 50. I voted against this and will again if I have to.

For two years we’ve been telling the country that we will be leaving on March 29th and I believe politicians should honour the commitments they’ve made to voters. Again, if there are any attempts to force a long extension of Article 50, or even to revoke Article 50, you can bet on the fact I’ll be voting against these attempts at delaying or trying to stop Brexit.

I’ve also received hundreds of emails and letters asking me not to support taking no deal off the table. Well I’ve done just that. As I don’t support no deal as an optimum outcome, it should of course remain on the table and that’s what I voted for. In a negotiation you do not take your trump card off the table, in the UK’s case that’s leaving without a deal. Voting to take no deal off the table would have tied our hands behind our backs.

I hope this makes it clear to you my position and how I’ve been working to deliver the Brexit a majority of voters in Reddith voted for. “For a more detailed explanation on my position please don’t hesitate to email me. My address is: I’m always keen to hear from you so I can best represent you in the House of Commons.