“A bold domestic agenda which will improve the lives of people in Redditch,” Rachel said following yesterday’s (October 15th) Queen’s Speech.

The Queen’s Speech set out the Government’s ambitious domestic agenda, focusing on the core priorities of getting Brexit done, investing in our NHS, tackling violent crime, and dealing with the cost of living.

The Government remains committed to securing a deal with the EU and negotiating an ambitious future relationship, and by leaving the European Union on October 31st, the Queen’s Speech seized the opportunities created by Brexit.

This includes an Agriculture Bill which will reform UK agriculture policy introducing schemes to pay for public goods, a Fisheries Bill to enable us to reclaim control over who can fish in our waters, an Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination Bill which will end free movement, deliver a new fair,  modern and global immigration system and introducing a Financial Services Bill will provide certainty and stability, maintaining our world-leading regulatory standards and keeping the UK open to international markets after Brexit.

Bold proposals were announced to support the NHS and the healthcare system. The Government will bring forward legislation to establish the Health Service Safety Investigations Body – the world’s first such body, a Medicines and Medical Devices Bill will ensure our NHS has faster access to innovative medicines, substantive proposals will be brought forward to fix the crisis in adult social care, giving people the dignity and security they deserve and the Government will continue to work to modernise and reform the Mental Health Act to ensure that people get the support they need, with a much greater say in their care.

The Queen’s Speech also set out how the Government will tackle violent crime, strengthen the criminal justice system and ensure victims receive the support they need and the justice they deserve.

A landmark Environment Bill will be introduced to protect our planet for generations to come – including a new Office for Environmental Protection, more local powers to tackle air pollution and charges for specified single use plastic items.

The Government will also take forward several measures to protect animal welfare, re-introducing the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill to increase maximum sentences for animal cruelty. We will seek to improve the welfare of animals transported for slaughter and ban the import and export of trophies from endangered animals.

In welcoming the Queen’s Speech, Rachel said:

“This is a bold domestic agenda which will improve the lives of people in Redditch, delivering on the issues which matter to my constituents the most.

“From continuing to invest in our NHS, to fixing the social care system, to strengthening sentencing and giving police the powers and support they need, this is a One Nation Conservative agenda which will unite our country and move it forward.”