We all know Winter can be a challenging time for the NHS, with an increase in demand and more patients to treat. It will be no different here in Worcestershire with our hospitals working night and day to treat our loved ones this Winter, on top of the other challenges facing our hospitals which are well publicised.

Together with local councils and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the Alex and Worcestershire Royal, have developed a Winter Plan to help them cope with the increase in demand this Winter.

But what does this Winter Plan mean for the Alex and Redditch? It means more acute beds, more surgery taking place at the Alex and more patients being taken to our town’s hospital rather than the Worcestershire Royal.

Here’s more detail on the Winter Plan:

  • Fractured neck of femur surgery to take place at the Alex.
  • Development of a new inpatient frailty unit at the Alex alongside the excellent service development being implemented there by the team in the Frailty Assessment Unit (FAU).
  • An increase in the number of general medical patients in need of urgent care who are taken by ambulance to the Alexandra rather than Worcestershire Royal, through changes to which hospital is the default destination for patients.
  • Worcestershire Health and Care Trust are supporting the Trust’s efforts to reduce length of stay for NOF patients in an acute bed by providing accelerated step down three or four days post-operatively to 16 dedicated rehabilitation beds which they are providing in the William Astley Ward at Evesham Community Hospital.
  • These urgent measures will create additional capacity equivalent to around 55 beds across the Trust to ensure the Trust can safely manage higher numbers of urgent medical admissions, reduce ambulance handover times, ease pressure on their Emergency Departments and ensure they do not have patients overnight in areas such as Endoscopy, Theatre Recovery, AEC and FAU.

For more detail on the Winter Plan, please visit the Trust’s website by clicking here.

Key Stats


for the NHS this Winter.

£2.4 million

cash injection into adult social care in Worcestershire.