How much additional funding is the Alex and the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust getting to cope with winter pressures?

The Acute Trust has received an additional £3.9million from the Department of Health to help it better prepare for the increase in demand on its services this winter period.

£1.3million has been allocated to the Acute Trust to help it provide urgent and planed care through the winter period – including opening and staffing additional beds.

The remaining £2.6million has been shared between the Acute Trust, CCGs and Worcestershire Health and Care Trust to further improve A&E performance.

This money has been spent on a number of initiatives, including:

  • This includes further expansion of the Evergreen 2 ward at Worcestershire Royal Hospital by increasing the number of beds and recruiting additional staff.
  • Purchasing additional nursing home beds for patients to support their discharge from hospital.
  • Moving the successful Frailty Unit at the Alex to seven day working.
  • Increasing the number of district nurses and other community based health care staff available to care for patients in their own homes, reducing demand for hospital beds.

Towards the end of last year, the Acute Trust was also given an additional £920,000 to support the expansion of the Ambulatory Emergency Care unit at Worcestershire Royal. The unit is already helping to improve patient flow and reduce emergency admissions to A&E.

How is the Frailty Unit at our Alex helping to relieve pressure on A&E?

The new Frailty Unit at our Alex and the Ambulatory Emergency Care unit at the Worcestershire Royal are showing ‘promising results,’ the Acute Trust has said.

As I’ve said before, the countywide winter plan is working and is helping to care for record numbers of patients, and the Frailty Unit and AEC are both relieving the pressure on A&E.

Since the Frailty Unit opened, 364 patients have been treated and 41 per cent have been discharged on the same day.

The latest discharge figures also show more patients at the Alex are being discharged on the same day. In November 2016, 20.26 per cent of patients were discharged on the same day. In November 2017, this figure has climbed to 27.35 per cent. The Acute Trust has said they believe the Frailty Unit has played its part in the improving discharge rate stats.