Welcome to the Alex Working Group section of my website. Here you will find the latest information and updates on the work of this new group I have launched.


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What is the Alex Working Group?

The Alex Working Group is made up of me as the MP for Redditch, the Chief Executive and Chairman of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, as well as other key local stakeholders.

This group will be used as a forum to discuss all matters relating to the Alexandra Hospital, and to intensify discussions over my campaign to return a maternity service and paediatric service to the Alex.

Why have you set-up this Working Group?

If we’re to return services to the Alex, then I must engage with health bosses in a positive and constructive way – and this working group is a clear sign of this new approach, but this doesn’t mean I won’t continue to hold the Trust & health bosses to account.

I’ve always said the Alex has a bright future ahead of it, and this new working group reaffirms the commitment I made to you that the Alex has been and always will be my top priority.

What do you hope to achieve?

The ultimate goal is to return services to the Alex. 

But I also want to develop a positive vision for the future of the Alex. Our town’s hospital is an essential part of Worcestershire’s health economy and it has a bright future ahead of it.

An update on the Garden Suite

Writing for the Redditch Standard (July 23rd), Rachel said: Given the Alexandra Hospital’s history, I know it’s hard, putting it mildly, to believe local health bosses when they say the re-location of the Garden Suite chemotherapy unit from the Alexandra Hospital to...

An update on the Garden Suite

"An update on the Garden Suite for you. As promised, I said I'd keep you in the loop and that I would update you if there was anything to say. "This week I've been speaking to the Acute Trust because, as you may remember, they told us that, “in the summer,” they will...

My Diary in the Redditch Standard

Parliament may be heading into recess today, but that doesn’t mean my work stops. I’ll be back home in the constituency visiting local businesses and community groups, as well as holding my regular surgeries. My main focus will of course be on fighting to ensure the...

Rachel writes to Clinical Commissioning Group boss as part of efforts to return Garden Suite

Rachel Maclean, MP for Redditch, has written to the Chief Executive of the local Clinical Commissioning Group as she ramps up her effort to ensure the Garden Suite is returned to the Alexandra Hospital. During the pandemic the chemotherapy services was ‘temporarily’...

Rachel launches petition and urges residents to show support for Garden Suite’s return

“We need to show health bosses that Redditch wants the Garden Suite back” – that’s the rallying cry from Rachel Maclean MP as she launches a petition calling for the chemotherapy service to be returned to the Alexandra Hospital. Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS...

Rachel praises vaccine rollout as Redditch hits significant milestone

The latest data from the NHS shows that 44,230 people in Redditch have received their first dose of the COVID Vaccine.

Rachel: “I will fight” Trust bosses on Garden Suite move

“I will do everything within my power as the local MP to ensure the Garden Suite is returned to the Alex where it belongs.”

Alex Working Group meeting to discuss Garden Suite

Rachel has called a meeting of the Alex Working Group to take place on Friday (March 26th) to discuss the Garden Suite Chemotherapy Unit.

Rachel encourages residents to get vaccinated

Rachel is urging residents to get vaccinated to help in the fight against Coronavirus.