Redditch Business Mentors Scheme

A pilot in partnership with One Million Mentors and Andy Street's Mayor's Mentors
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What is the Redditch Business Mentors Scheme?

Rachel has worked hard with Andy Street as Mayor of the WMCA and One Million Mentors to ensure that Redditch is included in mentoring schemes and opportunities to support businesses and young people. As a result, Redditch is now the first town outside of the WMCA area to be included as part of a pilot of the rollout of ‘One Million Mentors’, known as 1MM.

By working with 1MM the Redditch Business Mentors Scheme is able to work at scale to widen horizons, opportunities and networks for local young people. 1MM will provide online training and resources, as well as offline training events to help professionals prepare and enjoy their mentoring journey, while the Mayor of the West Midlands Combined Authority and Rachel Maclean and Redditch’s MP will help spread the word and act as ambaassadors for both the local and wider programme.

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