Rachel has many aims and concerns in many areas. This section is currently being updated and will be populated with more topic areas in due course.

Menopause Awareness

I became interested in this topic for the simple reason that it started affecting me. Find out more about my menopause awareness campaign by clicking here.

Skilling-up Future Generations

One of the main reasons I entered politics is to make sure young people have the skills they need to get on in life and strive to aspire to reach those highly paid and highly skilled jobs. We can only achieve this if we make sure young people have the opportunities to learn these skills. That’s why I am a big supporter of apprenticeships, and also why I am supporting calls for an Institute of Technology here in Worcestershire.

Fighting for the Right Development

As a growing town, we all understand that new houses need to be built to make sure families have room to grow, and to enable young people to live in the town or village in which they were born.

However, we need to make sure Redditch attracts the right type of development. This includes housing which fits in with the surrounding area and business and employment land in suitable locations.

Key though to future housing growth in the constituency is affordable housing. I’m backing plans for new affordable homes to be built, but I will always insist our local Council ensures our schools, GP surgeries and transport links can cope.

Redditch in pole position to benefit from Birmingham 2022

With Redditch just 12 miles away from Birmingham, I will fight as hard as I can to make sure our town benefits from the 2022 Commonwealth Games which will be held in the UK’s second city.

Our town has so much to offer and we must seize this brilliant opportunity which is on our doorstep. I’m certain there are many ways in which Redditch can benefit from Birmingham 2022.

Fighting for Better Transport Links

Great transport services, whether it be regular bus services, fast and reliable train links or a better road network, they are all absolutely vital in helping residents move around our beautiful constituency. And not only that, great transport links are key to helping boost the local economy and making it as easy as possible for companies to do business here.

I am very keen to see express train services between Redditch and Birmingham and I will work with local partners and the Government to make this a reality.