Everyday in Redditch inspiring people carry out acts of kindness which go completely unnoticed.

Whether its volunteering for a local charity, raising money for a good cause, or simply helping a friend, family member or neighbour in need, Redditch is full of kind-hearted people who are always willing to help.

You may remember the story of 7 year-old Esmee Allured from Redditch. Over Christmas, Esmee collected hundreds of toys to give out to local children who might otherwise not have had presents.

In recognition of her acts of kindness, Esmee was the town’s first winner of the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award. If it hadn’t been for Esmee’s mum emailing me, her daughter’s efforts would never have received the recognition and praise they deserved.

This got me thinking. I have been inspired by Esmee’s acts of kindness, and I want to do more to recognise the everyday acts of kindness which often go unnoticed and unrecognised.

I’ve therefore launched my very own Act of Kindness Awards where every month I will shine a light on the good deeds which take place in Redditch every single day.

If there is someone you believe should be recognised then please complete the form below where you can nominate them for an Act of Kindness Award. The person you are nominating must live in the Redditch constituency. 

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Act of Kindness Award Winners