Whilst the role of a Member of Parliament involves a lot more than voting, it is the central core of the job that keeps our democracy going.

  • Consistently voted against more EU integration
  • Consistently voted against UK membership of the EU
  • Voted for new high speed rail infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions about Voting Records

What does 'Whipping' mean? What is the role of a 'whip'?

Fictional accounts of the work of a parliamentary whip can portray a mysterious world of intrigue, but what really goes on behind the scenes?

In reality, whips are MPs or Lords appointed to help organise each party’s contribution to parliamentary business. This ranges from ensuring that MPs vote (and vote according to party wishes), to acting as tellers when votes take place, and arranging parliamentary business.

For more detail on this topic please visit Parliament’s useful page on the role of a Whip here: