How I can help as your Member of Parliament

A Member of Parliament can help their constituents in many ways, but there are areas where even a Member of Parliament has limited capabilities, and sometimes you will get a quicker response from another body such as the local council.

As your Member of Parliament, Rachel can help you navigate the many and complex layers of government. 

Getting in touch with Rachel

Step 1: Getting in touch

If you are not sure which part of ‘the system’ you need to be talking to please don’t worry about it – just email Rachel with the details of your issue and she will either get the answer for you or point you in the right direction. 


Step 2: Getting a reply

If you have raised a direct and personal issue with Rachel to get help with something you will get a reply to your message within two weeks – either by an email reply or by a letter in the post. 

Step 3: More complicated matters

If your matter is more complicated and needs a response from a Government minister for instance you may need to provide more information and it may take longer for the Government response to come back.